…many of the best wellness initiatives are grassroots, with someone saying, “Hey, what if we…”

We recently had a couple of wellness-related self-reports from Montana Tech that we wanted to share with everyone. It looks like the Ore Diggers are just crushing challenges over in Butte, building healthy teams and workplaces in the process.

First, the Tech Human Resources office teamed up to tackle last month’s “Plant a Garden” challenge. If there’s one thing Butte is known for, it’s the long growing season…right? Not to worry, the HR team started their very own office garden! Looks amazing!

Meanwhile, across campus, the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology has a group of regular walkers that incorporate campus errands to admin offices, the mail room, and the Mineral Museum. The walking group began with six employees in 2015, and has since grown to regularly include a dozen MBMG staff. If you’ve ever walked around the Tech campus, you know it requires some fitness, as there is not a lot of flat ground! Keep getting those steps and stairs MBMG!

tech walkers
The MBMG crew taking advantage of some lovely spring weather.

Thanks for sharing Tech!

If your department or team is banding together to create a healthier environment and better place to work, don’t be shy—please share it with us, so that we can share it with MUS. You might inspire others to follow your lead! Your Wellness team believes many of the best wellness initiatives are grassroots, with someone saying, “Hey, what if we…”

Be Well!

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