3 thoughts on “Wellchat Episode II

    1. Thanks for listening, Chris! I would say it’s 20% of the food/beverage choices that you make over the course of a day. We make dozens of eating choices everyday – wheat bread or white? Salad or fries? Trail mix or chips? Milk or water? etc. So, I recommend that 80% of those choices are the healthy option; 20% of those choices are based purely on what you want. I would judge it over a day or even a couple of days as you might have entire meals that are in the 80 or 20 category, but hopefully not entire days that are in the 20%. Determining that 20% doesn’t need to be an exact science; it’s more of just a basic guiding principle and reminder that most of our diet should consist of healthy foods, while still leaving room for foods that make us happy & satisfied.

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