Happy Thanksgiving from MUS Wellness!

I’ve spent the morning reading success stories you guys are sending us through our “Share Your Wellness Story” challenge. It’s a great way to spend Thanksgiving Eve. Certainly, our health and the health of our family and loved ones is perhaps the greatest thing to celebrate and be thankful for. One thing I really enjoy while reading your stories is that many contain a common element, and that’s some form of hope or optimism. Regardless of the story, the fitness level or health status of the writer, or whether the year has been smooth or beset with injury and setbacks, there is an optimism about how healthy choices, even small ones, yield positive results. This morning I’ve read about improved lab numbers, weight loss, improved mental outlook, improved performance, and people generally feeling good about the path they’re on when it comes to their personal health and well-being. It makes me feel good too. Thank you to all who have shared their success!

I’m personally thankful to be part of a community of people who are striving to be better, and who pour so much of themselves into their students, their coworkers, their schools, and their communities.  Keep up the great work MUS! We’re proud of you!

So keep those stories coming in! We’ll be sharing many of them over the next few weeks right here on this blog. Even if you don’t participate in our online Incentive Program, you can still share your story by emailing us at mtchallenge@montana.edu.

Also, as a bonus, I’m re-posting below one of Cristin’s Thanksgiving articles from a few years back—it has some great nutrition tips for Thanksgiving day!  Enjoy!


Five Thanksgiving Challenges from Montana Meals

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