As we’re all settling into the new semester, MUS Wellness is gearing up for another round of live and online education, and Wellcheck health screenings on your campus!

You can view or download a PDF with dates and registration links to all our upcoming events and education slated for the next several weeks by clicking the links below:

Then, make sure to mark your calendar for the fall Wellcheck on your campus. Our Wellcheck season kicks off this week at MSUN in Havre.

Remember that you can easily view all of our upcoming events and education by clicking on the Events and Media tab at the top of our Montana Moves & Meals site. And if you follow our blog, you’ll never miss an announcement from MUS Wellness!

Finally, a reminder that we’ll be hosting a very special webinar, led by CEO of Whil, Joe Burton, this Friday at noon: Building Employee Resilience for Colleges & Universities

Hope to see you soon! Be Well!

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