In the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019, we administered a two-part survey through our online incentive program. The goal of this survey was to evaluate the level of employee engagement and feeling of inclusion at work here at MUS. Over 900 individuals — approximately 12% of those eligible — participated in both part 1 and part 2 of the survey which was designed by experts at Limeade. Your feedback provided great insights; thank you for sharing your thoughts.

We wanted to share some of the results and insights given the time that many of you took to participate. As a refresher, the survey asked how much employees agreed or disagreed with eleven statements. Examples of the statements included “I feel valued by my employer”, “I can be myself at work”, and “Most days, I feel energized by my work”

Here are some of the positive insights gleaned:

  • 90% contribute to something that matters to them
  • 83% of respondents feel engaged in their work
  • 83% are able to use their greatest personal strengths
  • 80% are committed to the organization
  • 79% feel they can be themselves at work

We think this is fantastic! These results suggest that many people within MUS feel very dedicated to their work. We know from external research that engaged employees are happier, more productive, and this leads to less turnover and better business outcomes. We were also able to filter results by campus if a location had enough respondents to still maintain anonymity. For overall level of employee engagement, UM Western led the way with 88% engaged—way to go Western! Our other MUS campuses ranged between 88% and 79% engaged.

Some of the survey results also revealed areas in which MUS could improve:

  • Only 42% feel connected to organizational leadership
  • 62% feel comfortable voicing their opinion to management
  • 63% feel valued by their employer

Results have been shared with HR teams and campus leaders. We hope the survey results can have a real impact and inspire changes for a more inclusive and engaging work environment. 

Part 3 is currently available on our Online Incentive Site! Look for the challenge tile on Limeade titled “Engagement and Inclusion Survey” to participate and provide your input. Your experience matters and we want to hear about it!

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