As our 2019 MUS Wellness program comes to a close this week, here is a look back at some of our program highlights this year. Together, we can (and do!) accomplish great things, constantly making our campuses, departments, and offices happier, healthier places to show up to each day!

MUS Online incentive program

This year, we had 2419 employees participate in our Online Incentive Program powered by Limeade. Here are some notable statistics of what we accomplished collectively.

  • 508 people achieved the Million Step Club, by tracking at least 10,000 steps on 100 or more days of the year. If you made the club, congratulations!
  • Over the course of our latest Team Push-Up challenge, over 130,000 push-ups were logged, and we had two teams that logged over 10,000! Look out for the very strong Lionhearted Library Ladies of Montana Tech (11,165 push-ups), and MSU Extension (10,446 push-ups)!
  • During our Summer Team Step challenge, over 229 Million steps were logged!
  • President Bodnar and President Cruzado got into the action this year by sponsoring challenges:
    • Over 39,500 servings of fruits and veggies were tracked during Seth’s 5-Serving Challenge (That’s around 15 tons of great nutrition!)
    • During Seth’s Gratitude challenge, you guys stopped 7639 times to express or write down what you’re grateful for.
    • We walked 99,528 miles during President Cruzado’s Back-to-School Step Challenge! That’s almost exactly four times around the circumference of Earth!!
  • 131 Participants across 10 MUS locations achieved our highest level of Expedition Leader. Big congrats to this elite group!!!


MUS Wellness wanted to emphasize mental health in 2019, and as part of that initiative we began a new partnership with Whil, offering micro-learning sessions on meditation, mindfulness, and stress resilience.

Over 25,000 sessions were completed! This is over 1900 hours of training our brains to be calmer and more resilient! If you used Whil, we hope you’ve noticed a difference!


In 2019 we awarded our very first Departmental Wellness Award to the MSU Billings Library! The MUS Wellness Departmental Awards Program recognizes departments within the Montana University System that actively promote a healthy work environment for employees. Does your department or office have what it takes to win in 2020?

Cristin and Neal with Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade, and Joe Decker, our Limeade Account Manager.

Our own MUS Wellness program was recognized by Limeade this year by winning the prestigious Limelight Hall of Fame Award. This award recognizes companies for long-term excellence in Employee Health and Wellness. This is Neal and Cristin with the very tall CEO of Limeade, Henry Albrecht, and our #1 Account Manager Joe Decker.

Finally, MUS Wellness awarded $22,785 of Wellness grants to individual campuses this year for Wellness initiatives spearheaded by our incredible Wellness Champions! Big thank yous to our Wellness Champions, Campus Benefits Representatives, HR teams, and especially all of you who participate and actively promote health and well-being in your homes and places of work!

Best wishes for a joyful holiday season and a very healthy and happy New Year! Bring on the 20s!


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