Our 7th Round of the MUS Wellness Online Incentive Program has launched, and we’re excited to dive into another year of challenges, education, and fun! For all of you MUS employees who participate, here are some highlights and key features of this year’s edition!

Incentive Levels

We’ll once again have the opportunity to journey through our four incentive levels of Scout, Explorer, Trailblazer, and Expedition Leader, and you can pick up $155 in Amazon Gift cards by making it through to the top level! We’ll have nine challenge cycles over the course of the year which will include our Montana Moves and Montana Meals challenges, team and individual step challenges, multimedia education, and more. Each of the nine cycles will also have it’s own theme.

Healthy Aging focus

Speaking of themes, our overall focus for the 2020 program year is Healthy Aging. The average age of our MUS employee population is around 50, and no matter how old we are, as much is we don’t like it, we’re all getting older. But chronological age and biological age are two different things, and our lifestyle choices have a significant impact on the aging process. So this year, get ready to learn how to minimize all those negative effects of getting older.

Whil is back!

We’re happy to begin our 2nd year with Whil. This year, through our Incentive Program, you can practice mindfulness and meditation sessions, plus we’ve added new collections to help you sleep better, and Yoga videos to help you feel great!

Get started today!

If you are an benefit eligible MUS employee, you can get started today by heading to https://muswell.limeade.com. Also, to learn more about all of our comprehensive Wellness offerings, tune in to next week’s 2020 Overview Webinar on Wednesday, January 22nd.

Cheers to a New Year and New Decade! We want to help you make them among your best!

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