Our theme for our 2020 MUS Wellness program is Healthy Aging, which turns out to be a pretty relevant subject, as we are all getting older. The good news is that [SURPRISE] our lifestyle plays a huge role in how we age, and many researchers believe lifestyle easily trumps genetics when it comes to longevity and quality of life.

Much research is currently looking at “Blue Zones”, or communities around the world with a high percentage of people that reach 100 years of age. Do these people live longer than most because of superior genes? Again, the answer is typically found in common lifestyle elements shared across these communities.

In the video below, you’ll see some inspirational stories of healthy aging, and also Dan Buettner’s Top 5 tips for living a longer, healthier life, based on Blue Zone populations. Those tips are:

  1. Build a Strong Social Circle
  2. Find Your Purpose (One of our Blue Zone Challenges currently on Limeade!)
  3. Own a bicycle and a good pair of walking shoes (One of my favorites, obviously)
  4. Have a fruit bowl
  5. Keep your aging parent(s) nearby

Check out the video link below to learn more details, and again, take our Blue Zone What’s Your Purpose challenge through the Incentive Program. We’ll be running challenges and education all year surrounding healthy aging and Blue Zones, so stay tuned!


One thought on “Healthy Aging and Blue Zones

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised that the tips are social and not about exercise goals. I agree that having a strong supportive social network is important and I value my friends even more since I’ve been an empty nester.

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