We asked our Wellness Champions around the state what they’ve been doing at home to stay positive and healthy. We got some great responses so we thought we’d share! Staying engaged, positive, and focused on healthy habits is essential in times like these! Here’s a sampling from our Champs:

  • “…much daily yoga and dog walking…finally starting construction on raised beds for gardening.”
  • “taking the dog on some lengthy walks.”
  • “I am teaching myself how to play the ukulele.”
  • “We planted seeds for our garden…also started doing some yard work.”
  • “spent some time in the attic doing some spring cleaning and decluttering.”
  • “I’m working my way through a half-marathon trainer app.”
  • “Starting work in the garden.”
  • “I’ve been walking or running outside everyday. I also do bodyweight exercises or yoga with videos most weekdays.”
  • “My family has been logging 2-4 mile bike rides around the neighborhood during our lunch breaks and sometimes after work/school as well.”
  • “tackling some DIY home projects.”
  • “We cleaned out our closets and took a big load to Goodwill.”
  • “Doing 2-3 walks each day, and hiking and biking on the weekends.”
  • “I’m getting my 20,000+ steps a day. I hit the 2 million mark this morning and earned those 200 points.”
  • “I am staying positive by enjoying the time at home with the kids. Before this everything was rush rush.”
  • “I’ve been ticking things on-by-one off the ‘Important-but-not-urgent’ list.”

A big thanks again to our Wellness Champions for sharing. It sounds like our dogs are going to be very healthy and happy, our homes uncluttered, and our summer gardens amazing!

MUS Wellness will keep providing resources to help you work and stay fit and positive from home while we ride out this crisis together. If you missed last week’s Ergonomic Webinar, it is a must-see for anyone working at home in a temporary space. Next up, look for new exercise videos later this week: Body Weight Sequence 2, and Medicine Ball Sequence.

Stay Well Everybody!!

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