No gym? No problem. Neal Andrews, MS, CSCS leads you through an exercise sequence at home using a medicine ball. Medballs are very popular, versatile, and inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment that are must-haves for home gyms.

Most movements in the video are performed from 8-12 reps. You can also use a timer to perform each exercise from 20-40 seconds. For more exercise volume and a full-body workout, repeat this sequence 1-2 times.

In the video intro, Neal mentions that there are a lot of overhead movements in this sequence. If you have any orthopedic issues or pain in your shoulders, or have not lifted in a while, please take care with overhead movements. For modification, you may choose a lighter weight, use no weight at all, or perform less reps of the movement. As with any exercise sequence, know your body, and make adjustments as needed. If a movement causes pain, please modify or skip completely.

Enjoy the sequence!

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