“I love that you’re making the webinar about resilience a demonstration!”

Last week, MUS Wellness hosted a Mental Wellness webinar with special guest
Dr. Alison Brennan, Mental Health Specialist for MSU Extension. If you tuned in live, you know that we experienced some difficulty getting Alison joined onto the webinar. And by difficulty, I mean we failed to do so. So for 15 minutes, while our audience waited, I frantically tried to figure out how to get Alison on board so she could present, but to no avail. During a time when I was expecting to be listening to an expert talk about stress management strategies and resilience, I was experiencing a high level of stress!

One really awesome thing though, is how supportive our audience was as they sat helpless, listening to me struggle, and I want you to know how helpful that was, and how appreciative I am of it! Here are a few things that people typed in the chat box during that 15 minutes that seemed to go on forever:

  • Hang in there!
  • You are doing great, Neal, these things happen!
  • A mental health tip, Be patient, Relax.
  • Ahhh technology, gotta love it right?
  • No worries, it’s lunchtime!
  • No panic Neal, it’s all good!
  • Practical experience with patience and fortitude.
  • Think positive.
  • Don’t worry, we know you’re doing all you can.
  • Life is still good!
  • Don’t stress about it!

And my favorite, “I love that you’re making the webinar about resilience a demonstration!” I just have to say, that these responses changed the whole experience for me. I mean, it was still awful, and I was sweating, but it could have been so much worse, so thank you for being patient and keeping your cool during my resilience demonstration!

And the happy ending? We logged off, and then Alison and I started over, finally connected, recorded the webinar, and it all turned out fine. Alison did a great presentation, although not to a live audience, so if you missed it, or haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, here it is!

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