Mobility is vital to physical fitness. When our bodies are mobile, we move properly, have better function, and tend to have less pain. Two areas of the body that should be mobile are the hips and thoracic spine (upper back). Age, inactivity, and sitting can contribute to stiffness and a lack of mobility in these areas, leading to dysfunction and pain. 80% of Americans report lower back pain at some point in their lives.

In this video, we’ll go through a hip/spine mobility sequence which includes static stretches, yoga poses, and dynamic movements. You can find the flow of sequence listed at the bottom of this post. Take note of your mobility and how you feel before and after the sequence. Enjoy!

Montana Moves Hip/Spine Mobility Sequence:
1. Overhead Reach
2. Lateral Side Bend
3. Touch toes or Ragdoll
4. Downward Facing Dog
5. Pigeon
6. Spider Lunge with thoracic rotation
7. Cobra with rotation
8. Child’s Pose
9. Cat/Cow
10. Thoracic Rotation
11. Beast pose to Child’s pose dynamic movement
12. Downward Facing Dog
13. Ragdoll
14. Upward Salute
15. Warrior II

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