Congratulations to the Montana Tech Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Department (IAS), for earning an MUS Wellness Departmental Gold award for the second year! The IAS department includes faculty in the Social Sciences, History, English, and Writing. The IAS department met the MUS Wellness Gold level standard for office physical activity, nutrition, and culture. One new initiative for the IAS team in 2022 was the addition of walking meetings when the weather allowed, or incorporating time for movement or stretching during meeting times. Other highlights include having two Wellness Champions within the department, and following Healthy Meetings nutrition guidelines.

Well done Tech IAS! Keep up the healthy office culture!

Chris, Dawn, Cheyenne, and Scott from the Montana Tech ISA, celebrating with their Gold Awards!

If your department is a great place to work and encourages a healthy work environment and culture, we’d love to recognize you too! Simply check out our MUS Wellness Departmental award criteria, and start working toward the Bronze, Silver, or Gold level!

Be well!

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