October Events

Here’s a peek at our Wellness education and events coming up for the remainder of October! 30-Day Nutrition Upgrade begins Friday, 10/11! Registration still open!TRIVIA TIME! Wednesday, 10/9, MSU Billings Library 311.UM Campus Walkabout, 10/15, UM OvalBuild a Better Breakfast, 10/16, UM UC 225 (8am)TRIVIA TIME! 10/17, UM UC 329What should I do at the … Continue reading October Events


UM President Seth Bodnar’s July gratitude challenge on Limeade concluded this week, and we hope you had a chance to participate! The challenge was to make a list of a few things you are grateful for, at least 4 times per week. Research on gratitude interventions have linked expressing gratitude to increased happiness and decreased … Continue reading Gratitude+