Montana Moves Ski Training Video

Happy Ski Season everyone! This fall Montana Moves debuted a new Ski Training workshop. We were inspired by the workshop to make a supplemental video, and here it is, just in time for the season!

Happy skiing!

Montana Moves Ski Training from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: Many exercises and drills demonstrated in this video are advanced, and include ballistic and high impact movements. Make sure you have a good foundation of general strength and conditioning before utilizing some of these movements. Exercise reps/times in the video are suggestions only. Reps/times should be based on the individual’s fitness level and training history. This video is intended to demonstrate individual warm-ups and exercises that can be utilized as part of a training program, it is not intended to be a stand-alone, guided exercise routine.

Riding in Comfort

As part of our Power Bite video series, Neal demonstrates different hand positions on standard drop handlebars, and talks about staying comfortable on your bike so you can ride longer and happier.

For those of you participating in our online incentive program, this video will be featured later this month along with a quiz, so you’re getting a head start!

Happy Riding!

The Incredible Egg! Power-Bite Video.

Our latest Montana Meals “Power Bite” features a rock-star of the food world: the delicious, versatile, and nutritious Egg.  Oh, and Cristin. She’s a nutrition rock-star.

Enjoy some egg-hacks and fun egg-facts! We bet you can’t wait to press Play!

For those of you who participate in our online incentive program, new challenges will be out next Monday, and a quiz about this video will be among them, so you’re getting a head-start.

Happy (Egg) Eating!

P.S. For our followers in Missoula and Helena, did you catch that there are some new Wellness workshops coming your way that are posted at the bottom right-hand corner of this webpage?

Montana Meals Power Bite: The Amazing Egg from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.


The Amazing M.E.T.

No, not the baseball team from New York…today we’re learning about Metabolic Equivalents, which sounds either nerdy or boring, but Neal makes them fun in the latest video from Montana Moves. Learning about the amazing M.E.T. gives you another tool to use, especially when you’re resigned to indoor cardio, as many of us here in Montana were this week!

The Amazing M.E.T. from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.

Roasting Veggies! Power Bite Video

Cristin shows us how to roast delicious vegetables in this Montana Meals “Power Bite”. Roasting vegetables is an excellent cooking method to have in your repertoire. Here are a few pros of roasting:

  1. Roasted vegetables taste naturally sweet.
  2. Roasting works with a variety of vegetables.
  3. Roasting is a simple preparation method.

For those of you who participate in our online incentive program, you’ll be getting a jump on May, as one of our May challenges is simply to watch this Power Bite video.

Happy Eating!

Montana Meals: Roasting Vegetables from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.


One Heck of a Commute!

Last week, Dan Dobyns, Workforce Navigator from Helena College, visited with us about his commute to work. Dan led all Montana Riders last year as part of the National Bike Challenge, logging 7711 miles last summer. Click on the video link below to hear Dan’s story!

Interview with Dan Dobyns from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.

The National Bike Challenge allows you to log your bike miles all summer long, and you don’t have to ride 40 miles a day to participate. Participants receive 20 points each day they ride, plus a point per mile, so it’s all about riding consistently!

To join, go to, and join one of our MUS Wellness teams (EAST or WEST), then start tracking your miles. It’s a tight race thus far, as our teams are 1-2 in Montana!


Training for Real Life

I sure am glad I do a lot of lunges in the gym.

Last weekend I was invited ice climbing with some friends. We headed up toward Hyalite Canyon as much needed fresh snow piled up around us. The trail up to the icefall was not easy. Like a rookie, I left my trekking poles at home, and before I decided to put my crampons on, I was either slogging through deep snow or slipping on steep trails with icy footing. Even when I finally put crampons on for grip, I was still ending up in a variety of positions where I needed to balance, stabilize, and pull myself upward on one leg.  I kept thinking, “I sure am glad I do a lot of lunges in the gym.”  I could add that I’m glad I also do a lot of squats and step-ups. It turns out that the actual ice climb was the easy part! The trail to get there was where the real work was!

Functional Training has become a buzzword of sorts in the fitness world over the last several years. Functional Training usually refers to resistance training and movement patterns that mimic how our bodies work in real life. Rather than “isolating” muscle groups, our bodies are designed to work as units pushing things, pulling things, lifting things, and yes, locomoting over a variety of terrain.

If you play outdoors, especially in the winter, doing lower body strength and stability exercises can help your performance and reduce your risk of injury, especially when you get into those awkward positions you have to use your strength to get out of. Lunges, squats, and step-ups should be a staple of your weekly exercise.  Lunges and Step-ups can be especially useful because they help us find balance and stability on one leg, something we have to do daily in the real world.

Check out the video below for a quick lower-body complex using these movements. Use this as a warmup, or add some resistance to make it into more of a workout!