Power Bite: Basic Kitchen Knife Skills

In this Montana Meals Power Bite video, Cristin demonstrates how to properly and safely handle a chef’s knife, and demonstrates some basic cuts like slicing, chopping, and the julienne. Honing your kitchen knife skills are an essential part of cooking healthy meals at home!



Montana Meals: Basic Kitchen Knife Skills from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.

The 2016 Outtake Video

Thank you all for following along with us for another year of health and wellness! Once again, we’ve had an outstanding time traveling around our beautiful state this year spreading Wellness education, getting to know you better, and hearing some amazing stories about how healthy behaviors have led to better health and quality of life.

One thing we really enjoyed this year was stepping up our short video production. We received a lot of excellent feedback from you guys about them, and one thing many of you seemed to like were the outtakes or post-scripts at the conclusions of the videos.

So…here is your holiday gift from us! This is all the funny stuff that didn’t make the final cuts (and there’s a lot). Thank you all so much for following along, keeping it fun, and letting us be ourselves! Much more to come in 2017!

P.S. This outtake video is rated PG  🙂

The 2016 Montana Moves & Meals Outtake Video from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.


Montana Moves Ski Training Video

Happy Ski Season everyone! This fall Montana Moves debuted a new Ski Training workshop. We were inspired by the workshop to make a supplemental video, and here it is, just in time for the season!

Happy skiing!

Montana Moves Ski Training from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.


Disclaimer: Many exercises and drills demonstrated in this video are advanced, and include ballistic and high impact movements. Make sure you have a good foundation of general strength and conditioning before utilizing some of these movements. Exercise reps/times in the video are suggestions only. Reps/times should be based on the individual’s fitness level and training history. This video is intended to demonstrate individual warm-ups and exercises that can be utilized as part of a training program, it is not intended to be a stand-alone, guided exercise routine.

Riding in Comfort

As part of our Power Bite video series, Neal demonstrates different hand positions on standard drop handlebars, and talks about staying comfortable on your bike so you can ride longer and happier.

For those of you participating in our online incentive program, this video will be featured later this month along with a quiz, so you’re getting a head start!

Happy Riding!


The Incredible Egg! Power-Bite Video.

Our latest Montana Meals “Power Bite” features a rock-star of the food world: the delicious, versatile, and nutritious Egg.  Oh, and Cristin. She’s a nutrition rock-star.

Enjoy some egg-hacks and fun egg-facts! We bet you can’t wait to press Play!

For those of you who participate in our online incentive program, new challenges will be out next Monday, and a quiz about this video will be among them, so you’re getting a head-start.

Happy (Egg) Eating!

P.S. For our followers in Missoula and Helena, did you catch that there are some new Wellness workshops coming your way that are posted at the bottom right-hand corner of this webpage?

Montana Meals Power Bite: The Amazing Egg from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.


The Amazing M.E.T.

No, not the baseball team from New York…today we’re learning about Metabolic Equivalents, which sounds either nerdy or boring, but Neal makes them fun in the latest video from Montana Moves. Learning about the amazing M.E.T. gives you another tool to use, especially when you’re resigned to indoor cardio, as many of us here in Montana were this week!

The Amazing M.E.T. from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.

Roasting Veggies! Power Bite Video

Cristin shows us how to roast delicious vegetables in this Montana Meals “Power Bite”. Roasting vegetables is an excellent cooking method to have in your repertoire. Here are a few pros of roasting:

  1. Roasted vegetables taste naturally sweet.
  2. Roasting works with a variety of vegetables.
  3. Roasting is a simple preparation method.

For those of you who participate in our online incentive program, you’ll be getting a jump on May, as one of our May challenges is simply to watch this Power Bite video.

Happy Eating!

Montana Meals: Roasting Vegetables from Montana University Sys. Wellness on Vimeo.