Utilize our exercise library to help craft a workout or add variety to your current routine. Following a dynamic warmup routine, choose around 6-10 exercises from the library below for a full-body workout that will target all your major muscle groups and joint actions.

Dynamic Warmups

Make sure you properly warm up your muscles and joints before your workout. These dynamic movements target major muscle groups and joints. Incorporate as many as you’d like as you build toward your heavier work.

Lower Body Bilateral

Bilateral means using both legs equally. Lower body bilateral movements are fundamental and foundational. Master the squat and the deadlift and you will set yourself up for success! Choose 1-2 from this group per workout.

Lower Body Unilateral

This group emphasizes a single leg doing most of the work. Considered slightly more advanced than bilateral exercises, because the single leg has to carry more load, plus there is an added element of balance and stabilization. Choose 1-2 from this group per workout, and try to vary direction (front/back/lateral).

Upper Body Push

Choose 1-2. Not shown but also included in this group would be a chest press from a flat or incline position using dumbbells or a barbell. Dumbbells allow for alternated or single-arm exercises for some variety and an extra core challenge.

Upper Body Pull

Choose 1-2. Pullups/chinups are not shown but would be included in this category. Because of poor posture, most adults need more pulling exercises than pushing by a ratio of 2:1 or more! Do not neglect your upper body pulls!

Core (Movement)

Choose 1-2. These core exercises allow movement in the limbs or slight movement at the spine. Incorporate many different directional movements throughout your routine to keep your core strong and balanced.

Core (Anti-Movement)

Choose 1-2. One of the primary functions of our core is to stabilize the spine and prevent unwanted movements. Practice these exercises to have a rock solid-trunk! Remember, you can’t fire a canon out of a canoe!


Choose 1. There are a lot of fun options in the gym for finishers. A finisher is something fun and usually semi-athletic that will get your heart rate racing and burn some bonus calories at the end of the workout. Shown here are a couple of fun agility drills with a low step.

*Exercise Library Disclaimer This library is not comprehensive. There are literally hundreds of movements and exercises you can do at the gym or at home. This library includes some basics and some of our favorites. Please select exercises to match your current fitness ability and health status. Consult a personal trainer for more help, or to customize a personalized fitness program.