Hi, we’re Neal and Cristin.  We work for the Montana University System Wellness program, and we keep this site up-to-date by adding nutrition, fitness, health and wellness information so that you’re equipped to live a healthier, happier life!  Here’s a little about us:

Cristin Stokes is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist, originally from Bozeman.  Cristin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Food & Nutrition from Montana State University.  She then completed her dietetic internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, in Boston, MA.  Cristin has worked as a Clinical Dietitian at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, as well as a School Wellness Coach with Montana Team Nutrition.  Cristin enjoys hiking, skiing, reading, gardening, spending time with her husband and dog, and eating fresh vegetables.  Cristin is thrilled to be part of the MUS Wellness and Employee Benefits Team.

Neal Andrews is an Arkansas native but spent four years as a personal trainer in New York City before relocating to Montana.  In addition to training, Neal was a Master Instructor and Club-level Personal Training Manager for Equinox Fitness.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Arkansas.  As an undergraduate, Neal competed in Cross-Country and Track and Field for Arkansas State University, while earning a degree in English Secondary Education.  Neal enjoys most outdoor activities, especially running, cycling, hiking, skiing, climbing, and water-sports, so needless to say, he is excited to now call Montana his home.

For daily bites you can follow us on Twitter or contact us via email:

@montanamoves   neal.andrews@montana.edu

@montanameals    cristin.stokes@montana.edu

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