Challenge of the Month: September!

Montana Meals September COTM: Enjoy Your Food! The September Montana Meals challenge isn’t about what you eat, it’s about the way you eat; and this month, that means allowing yourself the time and freedom to truly enjoy your food!  While this challenge may sound easy, for many of us it’s not. Too often, our busy lives … Continue reading Challenge of the Month: September!

More Winners!

Here's the latest winners from Montana Moves and Montana Meals.  UM Missoula swept the April winnings! Montana Meals April COTM winner is Bonna Graham-Hall from UM Missoula.  Bonna won a $25 gift card from Target by submitting 3-days of Food tracking.  Nice job Bonna! Montana Moves April COTM winner is a ladies walking group from the UM Human Resources … Continue reading More Winners!

Challenge of the Month: May!

Montana Moves May Challenge: Let's Roll!  National Bike Month. May is National Bike Month, and we're giving you two ways to be involved in our "Montana Bikes" Challenge of the Month!  Option 1:  Play "Bike month Bingo".  It's fun and will help you come up with some awesome challenges for yourself this month.  Download your BINGO sheet here.  Submission … Continue reading Challenge of the Month: May!

Challenge of the Month: March!

Montana Meals March Challenge:  Make a MyPlate Meal For this month's challenge, build a meal that resembles the MyPlate icon: 1/4 of your plate filled with lean protein, 1/4 filled with grains, and 1/2 filled with fruits and veggies.  Take a photo, tell us what it is, and email it to us at with the Subject line March Meals.  Check out … Continue reading Challenge of the Month: March!

Challenge of the Month: February!

Montana Moves February Challenge: Snow Patrol/Make Tracks! It's February in Montana!  Embrace the Winterness!  There are two ways to enter and win in February.  First:  Try a new winter activity this month.  Thinking about trying out those snowshoes or skate skis?  Been thinking about hiking that trail you love in the summer?  Here's your excuse.  Try … Continue reading Challenge of the Month: February!

Recipe Resources

For those of you participating in this month’s Montana Meals challenge (try 4 new recipes), here are a few of my favorite online healthy recipe resources to provide you with some inspiration! Recipe resources: Healthy recipe blogs: Don’t know how to cook?  A few … Continue reading Recipe Resources

2013 Challenge of the Month: January!

This year, get fit and have fun by participating in our Challenge of the Month.  Each month, Montana Moves and Montana Meals will roll out a new challenge focusing on fitness and nutrition, respectively.  Participate in all of them, and we promise you'll have one of your healthiest years ever!  Plus, you can win monthly, … Continue reading 2013 Challenge of the Month: January!