May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Unfortunately, Montana traditionally falls below national averages, and is often near the bottom of many mental health metrics, including suicide rate. In a recent flash poll of our Incentive Program participants we asked, "How are you feeling today?" Here are the results of that snapshot: Awesome!26%Pretty good55%Just OK15%Not so … Continue reading May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Wellbeing Tips from Whil during COVID Pandemic

Our wellbeing and mindfulness partner Whil shared some expert tips with us for staying mentally and emotionally healthy during the COVID pandemic, and we wanted to pass them along to you! Remember, if you are an MUS Benefits Plan member, you have access to Whil micro-learning sessions in the subjects of mindfulness/meditation, sleep, and yoga … Continue reading Wellbeing Tips from Whil during COVID Pandemic

Building Employee Resilience

Hi MUS! We're excited to announce a special webinar opportunity on Friday, September 13th! Building Employee Resilience for Colleges & Universities Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and resilience are the “must have skills” for modern professionals---yet many professionals are too stressed to know where to start. Join Joe Burton, author and founder and CEO of Whil for … Continue reading Building Employee Resilience