Wellchat 25: Q&A

Episode 25: Neal and Cristin each take a turn answering a question about fitness and nutrition from our MUS family. Today's questions: "Where is the best place to find reliable nutrition information?""Other than bringing your heart rate down, is there a benefit to interval training?" The Montana Moves & Meals Wellchat is available on Itunes … Continue reading Wellchat 25: Q&A

Wellchat Episode IX: Making Success Simple & Easy

Episode 9: It's a New Year, Cristin's back, and the MUS Wellness team discusses resolutions and goals. Why do most quickly fall by the wayside, while a select few grow into transformations? In Episode 9, we discuss the concepts of Starting Small, Making things Easy, and "Doing something today that your tomorrow self will thank you for." The Montana … Continue reading Wellchat Episode IX: Making Success Simple & Easy