What a crazy month!  Over the last 30-something days your Wellness team has visited 11 campuses around the state for our Spring Wellchecks, and conducted 13 Wellness workshops on those campuses.  Oh yeah, and somewhere in the middle of that Neal ran a marathon.  We had a tremedous time on the road, meeting many of you at Wellchecks and interacting with you at our workshops.  Now it’s nice to be back in the office where we have a lot of catching up to do as we share some good stories and get back on track keeping you up-to-date with Wellness news.  Here’s what you can look forward to from Montana Moves and Meals over the upcoming days:

  • Full Boston Marathon report from Neal.
  • A great success story about our Montana Moves Quarterly winner.
  • Updates from our last round of workshops, and information about upcoming summer events.
  • April COTM winners and our May Challenge of the month.
  • More great fitness, nutrition, and health information to get you ready for SUMMER!!!
Cristin showing off some nice greens in Kalispell.
Cristin showing off some nice greens in Kalispell.
Meal Planning Made Easy!
Meal Planning Made Easy!

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