Montana Moves Video: The “Ski Sit”

We're in the midst of ski season, so our latest Montana Moves exercise spotlight features a modification of a popular ski training exercise. We've taken the wall sit exercise and tweaked it to become a more functional, and perhaps more comfortable "Ski Sit". Enjoy! For those of you participating in our MUS Wellness … Continue reading Montana Moves Video: The “Ski Sit”

Exercise Spotlight: Single Leg Balance to Reach

This exercise spotlight video teaches the single leg balance to reach exercise and the single leg deadlift. Single leg exercises are not only great for strength, but they really challenge our balance and stability, and transfer well to sports like cross country skiing. Now if we could just get it to snow... Stay strong, stay … Continue reading Exercise Spotlight: Single Leg Balance to Reach

Kettlebell Compound Exercise (Video)

Last week I posted a video of a Kettlebell Complex, or series of exercise sets performed sequentially. Today is part 2 of our Kettlebell series, featuring a compound movement, or a series of individual movements performed sequentially. Compound movements can be incorporated with any exercise implement, such as dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells, or even with … Continue reading Kettlebell Compound Exercise (Video)