You just rode around the World together…

We have seven weeks left to go in the National Bike Challenge, and the West is running away with it! But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Back in May, the National Bike Challenge began, and riders have since been logging miles as they ride for fitness, recreation, and transportation. Over 90,000 riders have taken up the challenge nationwide, and we’ve had a nice representation here in Montana as well, especially from our two Wellness Teams, the EAST & WEST.

Collectively, our Wellness teams just completed a ride equivalent to the circumference of the Earth! 25,000 miles. Wow. You just rode around the world together—nice work!

That also adds up to 1.4 million calories burned, and several tons of CO2 not in the atmosphere. Not too shabby.

Here’s some of the standouts:

The WEST team has 84 riders participating, and those riders have accounted for over 17,000 miles—tops in the state. The West is also ranked 135th nationally, out of over 1600 teams.

The EAST team has 59 riders participating, and those riders have accounted for over 8000 miles, number 2 in the state and 200th nationally.

The West is getting a big boost from Montana’s top two riders, Karel Stroethoff from Missoula and Dan Dobyns from Helena, who have been battling back and forth all summer for the top spot. Karel has logged 5716 miles, and Dan 5472! It’s going to be close!

On the EAST team, Paul Foster from Billings is the leader with 875 miles logged.

Montana Moves would like to say “Nice Work!” to all our riders who have made this summer’s NBC the biggest yet for our both our Wellness Teams and for the state of Montana. There’s lots of great weather left—keep riding!

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