IMG_4512 (2)It’s spring and it’s awesome out there. As I’m writing this sun is streaming through my office window and I’m day-dreaming of all the roads and trails I’ll be covering this spring and summer.

If you’re like me, and many other Montanans, your exercise routine changes with the seasons. That’s one thing I really like about living here—trading out the skis or yak-traks for bikes, boats, and hiking boots.

As we change our routines (which is a good stimulant for fitness), we need to remember to ease into our new ventures gradually, as we’ll be working our bodies in new ways and using new movement patterns. Plus, as the weather gets better and the days stretch longer, the temptation to overdo it early in the season can get the better of any of us. Being smart with your exercise routines as you transition to spring and summer will reduce your risk of injury, and prepare you well for the beautiful and exciting miles ahead. I think there’s not much worse than an injury that limits your activity options going into one of the most exciting times of the year.

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Here’s to staying on the trail all summer long! Hope to see you online tomorrow!


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