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Montana Moves January COTM: It All Starts with a Goal.

It’s not a Goal until you write it down.

There is power in our written words. It’s been the tradition of Montana Moves to begin the year asking you to consider and write down your Health & Wellness Goals for the New Year. Share one or more of your goals by sending them to with the subject line GOAL by February 3rd to be entered into our monthly prize drawing.


  • Use SMART Goals.
  • Be specific! Be specific! Be specific!  Vague goals usually die.
  • Focus on behaviors you want to change more than outcomes.  Consistent behaviors lead to desirable outcomes.
  • Write it down.  Put it somewhere where you see it everyday.  It’s not a goal unless you write it down!
  • Set yourself up for success:  arrange or change your environment to make your behaviors easy.  For example, if you want to eat more fruit, you should have a bowl of fresh fruit visible in your kitchen or office at all times.

Montana Meals January COTM: Be a Meal Planner.

During our 2014 Stress Management webinar, 83% of viewers reported that they had skipped a meal or made a poor nutritional choice within the previous three days due to stress or busyness. Without a plan, it’s easy to resort to unhealthy fast-food, take-out meals, or the infamous bowl of cereal for dinner. This might be especially true if you’re faced with feeding a hungry family at the end of the day, or if you’re cooking for yourself and don’t feel like putting in the effort. Take the stress out of dinner time this month and participate in the Montana Meals January Challenge: Plan out your dinner meals for one week. We’re hoping you’ll see how much of a difference this can make when you aren’t scrambling to decide what’s for dinner or running to the grocery store at the last minute. You’ll probably save some money too!

Download the Montana Meal’s Planning Log and send to by February 3rd to be entered into our Challenge drawing for a great prize!


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