We mentioned in our last post that we’ve been pouring through the tons of success stories that we’re receiving from you guys. We’re not even close to being through reading, but it’s time to start sharing anyway! We find it affirming to read about not only all the amazing results, victories, and experiences happening across Montana, but also about all the healthy behaviors and habits (many new) that are behind the success.

One recurring theme of all our Wellness education is that outcomes are tied to behaviors. It’s no accident that much of our programming, whether in the form of workshops, webinars, or challenges, focuses on small, healthy behaviors and habits that lead to improved health outcomes.

Here are a few outtakes from your success stories that serve as real life examples of how our MUS population is turning healthy behavior into big-time results.

  • [I] began tracking my calorie intake and learning how to eat intuitively, and began eating a clean diet.  It has changed my life!  I have lost about 30 lbs over the past year and have been able to see my body become leaner, more muscular, and healthier inside and out.  I feel energized and excited for life every day! I.J. —Missoula
  • I started this year with high cholesterol and by eating better and exercising 3 times a week I have been able to drop my total cholesterol by 50 points. D.P.  —Bozeman
  • I started by working out but quickly realized I need to get my nutrition in check as well.  Now my whole family is benefiting from the better meals I am preparing.  J.L.  —Butte
  • [I started] trying little things – like drinking more water or parking farther away from my office – that have now turned into daily habits. And all of those little things add up to a healthier lifestyle, and for me, a better life. J.H.  —Missoula
  • It’s interesting to try different strategies for wellness. I can’t honestly say all have become habit, but I feel like I have more tools in my arsenal to deal with stress, inactivity, and low energy. My friends and family have noticed that I have more energy and look more fit. A.R. —Bozeman
  • …after months of keeping track of steps, taking time to relax, learning to enjoy good food and staying on top of my preventative care, I can say I have a better understanding of wellness…Small steps lead to big steps, and I’m happy to say I have stepped away from my “all or nothing” approach for a slow and steady walk toward better health. D.H.  —Bozeman
  • I have made physical activity a part of my every day. Now I feel a lot healthier and more fit. A.L.  —Great Falls
  • I decided to eat more fresh veggies and kick the soda habit…Since I have quit my 2-3 soda per day habit I have lost about 10 pounds. C.S.  —Billings

WooHoo! More to come!


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